Listed below are a few of the worth while causes we believe in and would appreciate it if you would come back after visiting our children and visit these wonderful sites who work so long and hard to help the children with their organizations and services.

Each site has that one goal in mind as Quilts of Love does, and that is to maybe bring some hope, help, and happiness to the children. They are guiding lights in a sometimes very dark and scary world. Won't you please maybe help to promote, volunteer, or give your support to make that light a little brighter in a child's long road through difficult times  and hopefully their road to recovery.

Thank you for visiting,
The Quilts of Love ~Quilting Angels~

Please visit this wonderful site which helps children by
asking you to send cards to the children which are 
sponsored by the organization.

Bringing together your caring community

Cancer Kids has one goal ...
"to help children with cancer tell their stories to the world"

Children as delicate as a butterfly but with the 
hearts and courage of a lion.

Support The Shaken Baby Syndrome to
teach everyone to "Never Shake A Baby"

Crochet angels and butterflies that are sent out all over the world upon 
request to those who are severely injured, chronically ill,  and their 
caregivers or just someone that needs hope free of charge.

The Dove represents a prayer for cure for Cancer

To donate hair to be made into wigs for cancer children.

We Pray Because We Care
Take a minute and visit this wonderful site of caring people. 

Please take a minute and visit this
this wonderful site for Water Awareness Projects. 

ShareaCard is a non profit organziation who ministers
thru cards of encouragment to the terminally/seriously ill.





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