Welcome to our home Quilts Of Love. We are so very glad you have happened upon our little site where some very dedicated Angels have come together through their common bond, a love for children and who also love to make virtual graphic online quilts. What better cause to put their talents to then to help make some very sick and sometimes terminally ill children happy. To bring a smile in a often times dark moment to children's faces.

The Angels who labor from their love are all friends and have a mutual respect for each other and for the children and their families. Our only mission here at Quilts Of Love is to make the children happy and whomever else should happen upon our home.

The children we create our Quilts Of Love for either have life long illnesses or are terminally ill. We want to create something that is all theirs and unique...no two quilts are ever the same and each child can come and visit anytime they choose. The doors to our home are never locked. And the only key you would need is an opened mind along with an open heart.

Each of our quilts consist of a child's name, photos if requested, likes, and are also done in their favorite colors, and playing is their favorite song. Included also is a poem on the child's quilt that is written just for them. We also try to include family members, pets, and friends if requested. We want our Quilts Of  Love to be an extension of the child it is made for. Our Angels put their hearts and souls into the making of each and every quilt and send them off with a prayer and a hug of friendship.

One primary Angel will create the child's main quilt and and a banner of welcome is added from all the Angels. After the quilt is made and added to the internet, we will e-mail you the url for your child's quilt. We encourage you to invite your family, friends, and whomever to visit the children's quilts. We also add a link to each child's quilt page that has a website so others can visit your child. We also visit the children's guestbook's regularly to leave our hugs and love. We know how happy the children are when someone signs their guestbook's.

Here at Quilts Of Love we also celebrate our children's birthdays. We want each child to know how very special they are to us and that we never forget about them and love them. We try to visit each child on their birthday via email and/or their guestbooks. A Special Birthday Banner is added to the bottom of their Quilt for the birthday. Holiday pages will be made for the children's enjoyment and you will always be mailed out a letter telling you the events going on at Quilts Of Love whenever it is warranted.

We will also make a memorial quilt for any of our Quilts Of Love children who are called home to live in Heaven. We never forget our children here at Quilts Of Love and would like for family and friends to continue to visit and are welcome here anytime.

If you have a child who might like a personal Quilt Of Love of their very own or know of someone, please visit our quilt request page listed below. We would like that a parent or close family member be the one to fill out the request and please try and fill it out fully so we can make your child's quilt as personalized as possible. A child need not have a website to have a Quilt Of Love. One of our Angels will be back in touch within 2 days to confirm a request. Once that is done the Angels will begin to weave their magic and soon another child will be delighted with their very own personal Quilt Of Love.

Thank you for visiting our home. We are sure you will be as blessed by viewing these creations of love as we are that make them.

 Sincerely and from our hearts,
The Quilts Of Love Quilting Angels

**Quilts of Love is a Legacy now.

The site will remain open for all who wish to visit and NO quilts will EVER be removed from this site. We have quilted for over 940 children as of December 2008 and we have a huge body of work. This is due to my own loss of my precious 7 yr old great-niece Peyton Elizabeth Rudd from a malignant brain stem tumor (DIPG). It is just too painful for me to continue. I hope all of those children and families that have allowed us to share their journey will come back often to view their Quilts made with so much love.

Jean Ilderton
Quilts of Love site owner


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