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  • Nikolaus I his wife had seven children:. Herr zu Werle 1408. . Friedrich Wilhelm had one illegitimate child by Mistress (4 d) friederike wilhelmine von Mecklenburg "die Geheimrätin" (Boitzenburg -Schwerin, bur Schwerin Schloßkirche).
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  • M secondly (before 1219) adelheid, daughter of - (-after ). . He was " unjustly deprived of his mother's possessions " by Niels King of Denmark and harried the Danes constantly to reclaim them, laying waste the province between the Elbe and Schleswig. .  Herr von Mecklenburg: " Johannes, Nicolaus, Heinricus, Pribizlaws, fratres, domini Magnopolenses " confirmed the donation by " pater noster Heinricus dominus de Roztoch " to the Johanniter Comthurei Mirow, by charter dated 441. . The following information about the descendants of Adolf Friedrich I Herzog von Mecklenburg-Schwerin is based largely on Huberty 558 and Europäische Stammtafeln 559. The date of this charter indicates that Katharina must have been born from her fathers first marriage. .
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C) marie Herzogin von Mecklenburg-Güstrow (Schloß Güstrow 19/-Strelitz ). M thirdly margarete hedwig von Lowtzow, daughter of - (-1738). . From 1408 in Neubrandenburg, Stargard, seksiä jyväskylä sex work oulu Strelitz und Wesenberg. mother daughter sex lovisa


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